Small Town Theologian with Jonathan Shirk

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Allowing the Biblical truths of the Heidelberg Catechism to shape our theology and Christian living.

STT 073 – How Is It Good for Us that Jesus Left Us (HC LD 18, QA 46-49)

Jesus Christ physically left the earth to return to his Father in heaven. How is this good? How is this good for us? We want him with us. Tune in to learn a bit about how the ascension of Jesus benefits us his beloved people.

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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR FAMILY WORSHIP: (1) Do we have to understand everything about a certain truth for it to benefit us? (2) How does deepening our knowledge of a certain truth benefit us? (3) What does it mean that Jesus Christ is our Advocate in heaven? (4) What are some benefits of having the Holy Spirit of Jesus with us and in us? (5) How does the ascension of Jesus give us hope and comfort for the future?


Books: The Heidelberg Catechism: True Comfort for Life & Death & Predestined for Joy: Finding Comfort in a Controversial Doctrine

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