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STT 083 – Aren’t You Glad Christ Commands the Lord’s Supper (HC LD 28, QA 75-77)

Sometimes commands leave a bitter taste in our mouths. Why is that? If God’s good commands leave a bad taste in our mouth, perhaps we don’t love what is being commanded. God commands the Lord’s Supper; we must obey Him by participating. That said, do we love the promises God gives us in the Lord’s Supper?

To learn more about the sacraments and how to benefit from them, check out these GREAT resources: Heidelberg Catechism 65-82; Westminster Shorter Catechism 88-97 and Westminster Larger Catechism 161-177; Belgic Confession articles 33-35. Also, you may be interested in The Book of Praise: Anglo Genevan Psalter from the Canadian Reformed Church. Perhaps this will interest you for family worship.

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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR FAMILY WORSHIP: (1) What commands of God do you yawn or bristle at? (2) Do you delight in Christ’s command to observe the Lord’s Supper? (3) What is Christ promising believers in the Lord’s Supper? (4) How do Christ’s promises received by true faith in the Lord’s Supper helpful on our wearying way to the celestial city?