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Allowing the Biblical truths of the Heidelberg Catechism to shape our theology and Christian living.

STT 090 – What about Images of Jesus (HC LD 35, QA 96-98)?

Considering many things like the popularity of The Chosen, Christmas traditions, children’s Sunday School curricula, and religious jewelry, it is obvious that many Christians believe it’s good to depict Jesus. But has the church in recent years carefully considered the meaning and extent of the second commandment? Has the church considered its Christology carefully enough? Is the church remembering the ancient heresies of Nestorianism and Monophysitism? The church needs to revisit the second commandment and our doctrine of Christ.

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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS FOR FAMILY WORSHIP: (1) If you believe Jesus Christ is true God and true and righteous man, what Biblical argument would you make to justify making images of Jesus? (2) Do images of Jesus help people rightly know God in ways that Scripture does not? (3) Considering the ancient heresy of Nestorianism separates the two natures of Jesus and makes them two persons, how might images of Jesus encourage Nestorianism in the mind and worship of Christians? (4) Are there any examples of artists making God/Jesus in their own image?