Show Notes

So You Want to be a Podcaster episode 14

  1. Importance of show notes
    1. SEO value
    2. Apple will now search audio
  2. How do different apps handle show notes
    1. Apple Podcast
    2. Google Podcast
    3. Overcast
    4. Castbox
    5. Downcast
    6. Spotify
    7. Tunein
    8. Sticher
    9. iHeart Radio
    10. Podbean
    11. Podcast addict
  3. Blog post vs. description
    1. Transcription or not?
    2. Chapters or skip to
    3. Add all your resources mentioned in the episode
  4. RSS feed size
    1. 1 MB is the practical maximum, but I recommend smaller than 512 KB.
    2. How to Shrink Your Podcast RSS Feed and Why It Matters The Audacity to Podcast with Daniel J. Lewis
    3. Free RSS Validators
      1. Podbase: For podcast feeds. Podbase will check your URL, make sure your XML is well-formed, and whether it is iTunes-compatible. It will also check for things like your cover art being in iTunes compliance, correct category, correct summary, and more.
      2. Cast Feed Validator: For podcast feeds. This validates your feed, checks the main image, as well as media files while letting you visualize your podcast RSS feed.
      3. Feed Validator: Feed Validator is for Atom, RSS, and KML feeds. LIke W3C, it also gives you highlighted errors with messages and information for each problem found.
      4. W3C: W3C is for syndicated feeds. It works with RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, 0.93, 0.94, 1.0, and 2.0. Enter the address of your feed and click “validate.” Errors will be highlighted, with messages for each problem. Not sure what the message means? There’s a “help” link with more details.
  5. Examples
    1. The Feed
    2. The Briefing with Al Mohler  example – don’t downgrade your show notes
    3. The Audacity to Podcast
    4. The imaged life