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     S: Today's episode of Steve & Bethany's Hopecast is sponsored by Navigate 2021.
     B: A conference for parents to equip the next generation in our digital world. Coming
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S: Recently, we wanted to find out from you what are the good things that keep you from putting God first in your life. So we threw it our on our social media.
B: The answers you gave really weren't all that surprising. Family, Job, and Hobbies were the top three. Of course, there's nothing wrong with any of these. It's only when they keep us from growing in our relationship with God that it becomes a problem.
S: We're going to go into detail on each of these 'good things'
B: And share practical ways to put Him at the top of the list.


>>Segment One
SB: Steve's Voice; Jessica's response to last episode:
        “She's from a small town. Bullied in high school to the point of thinking about           
         suicide. The hurt feelings grew into hatred for those people. I rolled my eyes when
         people at church talked about forgiveness. They didn't have a clue. Years later she
         wrote in a notebook every thought, hurt feeling, everything. Then at 2am one
         morning she woke up and she said I literally felt like God was pulling that bitterness
         out of me. I have forgiven them and forgotten in the sense that I no longer dwell on
         it, therefore, I no longer recall the details. Because I have memories of those times, I
         have no desire to be their friend but I am polite and no longer wish harm on them.   
         Instead, I pray for them.”
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>>Segment Two
SB:  Topic – Hobbies, Jobs, and Family

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>>Segment Three
S: Tees 4 Bibles Quickie
B: Recommends:  My Utmost for His Highest Devotional
S: Tease next week: Hope for Blended Families
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Sponsor – Navigate 2021 conference

What keeps you from following God and growing in your faith? Family? Job? Hobbies? We're going to provide some help in finding ways to keep your relationship with God as the top priority.

We recommend:
My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

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