Stop and Think About It with Phil Sessa & Nick Vazquez ⭐️

Hosted ByPhil Sessa & Nick Vazquez

This podcast is for the Christian thinker who desires to be edified, challenged, convicted, informed and transformed by God's truth through well-reasoned dialogue that is grounded in and aligned with scripture.

#02 – Pelagianism – The Self Help Gospel

Are people born with a blank slate or with what theologians call Original Sin?  Do unbelievers really have free will and the capacity to choose God? Are unbelievers spiritually sick and in need of rescue, or spiritually dead and in need of resurrection?  

You can find the answer to these questions and more on this episode of Stop and Think About It.  


Episode Navigation:

1:20 – Introduction

1:55 – Examining Dr. Tony Evans Views on Original Sin

4:40 – Definition of Original Sin

7:30 – Spiritual Death

10:15 – Break 

11:00 – Pelagius vs. Augustine (Original Sin, Free Will, Grace)

14:35 – Erasmus vs. Luther (The Bondage of the Will)

15:30 – Man is Dead, not Sick

16:40 – Council of Dort (Arminianism, Semi-Pelagianism)

17:30 – Wesley and Whitfield

18:30 – Little Boy and the Rattlesnake

19:50 – The Doctrine of Free Will?

20:30 – Arguments for Free Will

God Did Not Create Robots God Looks Down the Corridors of Time Jesus is a Gentleman

24:30 – Break

25:30 – Charles Finney’s Methods

26:40 – Two Heresies from Charles Finney’s Systematic Theology

Finney Denied Original Sin Finney Denied Imputed Righteousness

27:00 – Billy Graham and The Altar Calls and Sinner’s Prayer

31:40 – Seeker Sensitive Churches

36:30 – The Preaching of the Gospel Brings True Conviction

39:35 – Final Thoughts

The Gospel Phil Sessa’s Closing Comments

43:00 – Ending