#13 – Social Justice: The Trojan Horse – Part 4

In this episode of Stop and Think About It we are joined by Pastor, Professor, Theologian, Apologist, and Author, Dr. Tony Costa who will be discussing the history, ideology, and the effects of Social Justice on society and the church.

Tony Costa has earned a B.A. and an M.A. in the study of religion, biblical studies, and philosophy from the University of Toronto. Tony received his Ph.D. in the area of theology and New Testament studies from Radboud University in the Netherlands. His area of expertise is biblical and systematic theology, cults, the New Age Movement, and comparative world religions with a specialization in Islam.

Tony is also an ordained minister of the Gospel and serves as the Teaching Pastor at Oakwood Wesleyan Church in Toronto. As a Christian apologist Dr. Costa gives reasons for the valid belief in Christianity and also advocates the unique claims of Jesus Christ. Tony is a professor of apologetics with the Toronto Baptist Seminary. He also teaches as an Instructor with the School of Continuing Studies at the University of Toronto in the area of New Testament studies. He serves as an adjunct professor with Heritage College and Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario and the Providence Theological Institute in Franklin, Tennessee. Tony is happily married to a wonderful wife, has 3 children, and a grandson, and resides in Toronto, Canada.

Episode Navigation:

00.00 – Intro.

02:00 – About Tony Costa.

10:00 – The Origins of Social Justice.

16:35 – Is Social Justice Synonymous with the Gospel?

21:00 – Social Justice is Cultural Marxism.

23:55 – Critical Race Theory as an Analytical Tool?

29:00 – The Matrix of Oppression.

33:30 – Bible Believing Christians are the most Oppressed Group.

34:55 – Why the Revisionist History?

38:00 – The Social Justice Narrative. (Charles Darwin, Margaret Sanger )

42:30 – Social Justice and its effects on Institutions.

45:00 – The National Basketball Association’s Hypocrisy.

47:10 – Why is the Church Embracing Social Justice?

49:55 – Diversity and Unity.

52:00 – Biblical Justice over Social Justice (Acts of Charity).

54:00 – The Gospel of Victimology and Scapegoating.


p class=””>59:20 – Closing Remarks.