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This podcast is for the Christian thinker who desires to be edified, challenged, convicted, informed and transformed by God's truth through well-reasoned dialogue that is grounded in and aligned with scripture.

#28 The Integrated Church and the family

The Stop and Think crew and Special Guest: Pastor Scott Brown discuss the Church and the family. Why we believe that a family integrated church is the biblical method to properly grow the church and the family.

Show Notes
0:00     Opening
1:38       Introduction and Scott Brown Testimony
8:50       The SBC use of Critical Race theory as Analytical tools
17:50     Why Scott feels that the sufficiency of scripture is Lacking in church and family
21:00     What is a family integrated Church
34:00     The drastic effect Family integrated approach has on the church and the family
40:00     How to apply this to your church
51:21     The family at church РNew Book by Scott Brown
54:25     Concerning Catechism in the home
56:00     Concerning Marriages, Pastors, and broken homes
1:03:15  Conclusion

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