Stop and Think About It with Phil Sessa & Glenroy Clarke ⭐️

Hosted ByPhil Sessa & Glenroy Clarke

This podcast is for the Christian thinker who desires to be edified, challenged, convicted, informed and transformed by God's truth through well-reasoned dialogue that is grounded in and aligned with scripture.

#30 The State of the Disunion #2: How should Christians deal with Uncertain times?

The Stop and Think crew Talk about the state of Disunity in the United states. How should Christians deal with Uncertainty?

Show Notes

0:00        Opening

1:30        Introduction and 5 Categories

2:14        Political uncertainty

30:41      Medical uncertainty

45:40      Voddie Baucham’s Heart condition

51:21      Economic uncertainty

58:16     International uncertainty

100:30      Post-Christian Philosophy of  Culture

103:35     How should Christians deal with Uncertainty?

108:30      Conclusion


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