Stop and Think About It with Phil Sessa & Nick Vazquez ⭐️

Hosted ByPhil Sessa & Nick Vazquez

This podcast is for the Christian thinker who desires to be edified, challenged, convicted, informed and transformed by God's truth through well-reasoned dialogue that is grounded in and aligned with scripture.

#36 Church Leadership

The Stop and Think crew discuss church leadership in contrast to the world. What does it mean to be a servant leader, Plurality of Elders, women preachers, and more…

Show Notes

0:00         Opening

1:15         Introduction

3:50         Testimony of Glenroy and Pastor Phil

18:20       Glenroy Describes how he became a Deacon and what it means to be a Deacon

22:48       Pastor Phil Describes how he became a Pastor and what that entails

28:14       What does Church leadership look-like?

41:10       What does the Bible say about how we should choose our leaders?

48:00       Difference between qualifications between pastor and Deacons?

50:00       Bishop, Pastor, Overseer, Elder, under-shepherd: what’s the difference?

59:20       Shared Leadership?

102:57     Does biblical leadership have to be Male and female?

1:11:14    Is the pastor The head of every aspect of your life? Pastoral Jurisdiction?

1:19:30    Conclusion

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