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Episode 73 – Encouraging Your Students Concerning Their Summertime Decisions

Listen in as Chris and Dan talk about ways to encourage your students after they have made spiritual decisions at summertime conferences, camps, and other events.

Dan’s List:

  1. Pray for your students.
  2. Give your students resources to aid in following up their decisions.
  3. Have your students announce their decisions to the church to gain prayer support and accountability.
  4. Get your students connected with a mentor to help them be accountable. It might be you. It might be someone else
  5. If your students have decided to follow God’s call into ministry, give them opportunities to flex those ministry muscles.

Chris’ List:

  1. Have your students write down what happened.
  2. Send a follow-up letter to parents
  3. Have your student partner in prayer with one person who went to the event with them.
  4. Put the event in the right perspective for the student’s walk with Christ.

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