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The Bible Sojourner is a podcast that discusses specific biblical passages, theological topics, and the intersection between the Bible and contemporary culture. The goal of the podcast is to equip the listener to better understand the Bible, theology, and culture, all in an effort to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

Parenting Young Children and Handling End-of-Life Issues as Believers with Tim Goeman (Ep 141)

On today’s episode, a special guest (Tim Goeman) joins us to talk about the early formative years of parenting. We also move on to the later stages of the family to talk about end-of-life issues (i.e., taking care of elderly parents). These are often issues that get ignored, but as believers, we need to have these conversations.

Resources referenced in the podcast:

Bill Davis, Departing in Peace:

Jim Newheiser and Elyse Fitzpatrick, You Never Stop Being a Parent:

See also, Newheiser’s lecture at RTS seminary:

Jen Gumbel, Estate Planning & Probate Attorney, The Organized After Life Blog:

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