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Was Dispensationalism Invented by Darby? (Ep 145)

We are joined on today’s episode by Cory Marsh and James Fazio from Southern California Seminary. Our topic of discussion is the history of dispensational thought prior to Darby. Marsh and Fazio have edited a brand new volume entitled, Discovering Dispensationalism, which relies on quality scholarship to argue for the presence of dispensational themes prior to Darby. Join us as we survey the motivation behind the book as well as some of the content that the authors have put forward as evidence that dispensational thought existed prior to Darby.

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Time Stamps:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 1:35 About Cory Marsh
  • 2:39 About James Fazio
  • 4:05 Motivation and Purpose behind Discovering Dispensationalism?
  • 9:50 How Long has it Taken to the Book?
  • 13:00 The Importance of Dealing with Historical Objections to Dispensationalism
  • 15:20 How Were the Various Contributors Chosen for The Book?
  • 23:30 What Do You Mean Referring to Dispensationalism before Darby?
  • 31:15 Is Darby Even Significant to This Discussion?
  • 39:27 Recent Publications Dealing with the History of Dispensationalism
  • 47:12 What Evidences of Dispensational Thought are Found in the Early Church?
  • 54:55 The Difference between Dispensationalism and Dispensational Thought in History
  • 57:10 What Evidences of Dispensational Thought are Found in the Middle Ages?
  • 1:09:35 How do you hope this book will be received?
  • 1:12:05 How does dispensationalism doing today?
  • 1:20:45 Future projects and areas of study for James and Cory
  • 1:25:13 Outro

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