The Bud Zone Podcast: A Christian Theology of Authority & Government by Pastor Chris LeDuc

Chris LeDuc, Pastor of Cannon Beach Bible Church, Cannon Beach, OR, joins Bud on this episode to discuss an array of issues faced by the contemporary church.  From mandated church shutdowns, to Romans 13, to sphere sovereignty, and to the certain singular hope found only in Christ and His gospel, Pastor LeDuc draws from Scripture, Reformation theology and history, as well as American history to outline a Christian theology of authority and government.  Pastor LeDuc is in the midst of preaching “A Christian Theology Of Authority And Government,” a highly recommended series which may be found on his church’s YouTube channel.


Pastor LeDuc may be found on Facebook HERE.

For more information on his church, please visit the Cannon Beach Bible Church website HERE.

For videos from Pastor LeDuc, please visit the Cannon Beach Bible Church YouTube channel HERE.

His sermon referenced in this podcast, Putting Romans 13 In Its Place, may be heard HERE.


A number of books, authors, and ministries mentioned in this episode are helpful resources for further study.  These include the following:

Calvinism: Six Stone Lectures by Abraham Kuyper

Our Program: A Christian Political Manifesto by Abraham Kuyper

Justifying Revolution: The American Clergy’s Argument For Political Resistance, 1750-1776 by Gary Steward

Slaying Leviathan: Limited Government And Resistance In The Christian Tradition by Glenn S. Sunshine

A Christian Manifesto by Francis A. Schaeffer

Resistance To Tyrants: Romans 13 And The Christian Duty To Oppose Wicked Rulers by Gordon E. Runyan

The Mission Of God: A Manifesto Of Hope For Society by Joseph Boot

The Ezra Institute