Bud Zone SS Edition – An Introduction

Today’s episode of The Bud Zone Podcast is a premiere of a special “SS Edition.”  The “SS” stands for Substack, a blogging platform on which Bud may be occasionally found digitally penning faith-focused articles intended for thoughtful provocation.

Today’s episode is a Substack introduction and will not be replacing the normal format of the Bud Zone Podcast.  We still aim to feature faithful saints doing the work of ministry.  This is merely to introduce you to what will be an episodically random addition to that content.

To find The Bud Zone on Substack, please go HERE and subscribe if you so choose.  While Substack does allow authors to charge a fee for subscriptions, The Bud Zone Substack content will be free.  I mean, I work a real job.  My writing is mainly cathartic, not that good, and I’d feel really, really bad expecting someone to pay for my fodder.

Nevertheless, I hope this introductory episode is interesting to you and that you will subscribe on Substack.  Because I do work a “real” job, my output probably won’t be voluminous, but I do pray it might be provocative.  If you don’t think so, that’s fine.  Thanks for considering it anyway.  And God bless you anyway.

For the article on which today’s episode is based, please go HERE.

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