Cessationist On The Bud Zone: Tim Cannon, David Lovi, & Les Lanphere

This week’s episode of the Bud Zone Podcast features Tim Cannon, David Lovi, and Les Lanphere, the men behind the film project, Cessationist.  Cessationist is in the funding stage at this point, but promises to be a critical resource for the church as it faces the ongoing influence of charismaticism.

Please consider supporting this project by going to the Kickstarter Cessationist campaign which can be found HERE or at the link below:


For more information about Les Lanphere’s previous films, including Calvinist and Spirit & Truth, please visit his website HERE.

The opening Puritan Paragraph on The Bud Zone Podcast is by Tom Sullivan, The Narrated Puritan.  He may be found on SermonAudio HERE.  Tom’s website, PuritanAudioBooks.com, may be found HERE.

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