The Bud Zone Podcast: Matt Trewhella on The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates

Pastor and author Matt Trewhella joins Bud on this week’s episode to discuss his book The Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates.  Though originally published in 2013, this book has become a most timely resource for pastors, Christian laymen, magistrates, and churches who desire to be faithful to the teaching of Scripture while in the midst of an increasingly tyrannical state.

Matt is pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Brookfield, WI.  He may be followed on Facebook HERE.

For more information about the doctrine of lesser magistrates, the Magdeburg Confession, and his important work in the area of the Christian’s duty regarding government, please visit his websites and Expanding God’s Kingdom Through Christian Localism.

To find more information about Pastor Matt’s ministry to the pre-born, please see the website for Missionaries To The Preborn.

Matt’s book, as well as The Magdeburg Confession and other resources, may be purchased on or by following the Amazon links below.


The Doctrine Of Lesser Magistrates: A Proper Response To Tyranny and a Repudiation of Unlimited Obedience To Civil Government …  on Amazon








The Magdeburg Confession … on Amazon