The Bud Zone: SBC Pastors Don Elbourne & Tony Hicks On The Sexual Abuse Report

On this episode of The Bud Zone Podcast, SBC pastor Tony Hicks and SBC pastor Don Elbourne discuss the recent bombshell Guidepost Solutions’ report on the sexual abuse crisis in the SBC.

The complete Guidepost report can be found HERE.

The 2019 “Abuse Of Faith” series by the Houston Chronicle may be found HERE.

Don Elbourne is pastor of Lakeshore Baptist Church in Bay St. Louis, MS.  He may be found on Facebook HERE.  His online store Fashion Is A Gospel Issue may be found HERE.

His church’s website may be found HERE.  His church is also a mission trip destination.  More information on that may be found at the Rebuild Lakeshore website HERE.

Tony Hicks is pastor of Clifton Baptist Church in Franklinton, LA.  He may be found on Facebook HERE and on his website HERE.  Tony’s YouTube channel is HERE.

Tony’s church website may be found HERE.

Tony’s previous episode on The Bud Zone may be found HERE.


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