On Christian Nationalism with Pastor Larry Ball

Pastor and author Larry Ball joins the Bud Zone for a conversation about the hot topic of Christian nationalism, Christendom, and other timely concerns for the church at large.

Pastor Ball wrote a provocative article recently on The Aquila Report entitled “Christian Nationalism: Dump The Term While We Still Can.”

He has also written other articles on the Aquila Report, as well as the following books available on Amazon:

Critical Race Theory And The Church: A Concise Analysis

Unto You And Your Children: The Promises of The Covenant

Blessed Is He Who Reads: A Primer On The Book Of Revelation

Pastor Ball’s sermon “Are You Woke?” may be found on YouTube HERE.


Pastor Ball also mentioned a few other books on this episode, including the following:

Institutes Of Biblical Law by R.J. Rushdoony

By This Standard: The Authority Of God’s Law Today by Greg Bahnsen

God And Government: A Biblical, Historical, And Constitutional Perspective by Gary DeMar

The Case For Christian Nationalism by Stephen Wolfe



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