The Bud Zone Podcast – On Revivals With Tom Sullivan

Bud is again joined by Tom Sullivan, The Narrated Puritan, to discuss a brief history of revivals and revivalism.  Tom has spent extensive time in the disciplined study of the history of revivals and brings a wealth of insight to this divine work of God that is so overlooked by much of the contemporary church.

Tom’s previous visit to The Bud Zone may be heard HERE.

As discussed on this episode, Tom has provided the following recommended reading for those interested in further study on this important topic:

The Great Awakening Sources:

The Great Awakening – Joseph  Tracy

Historical Collections and Accounts of Revival – John Gillies

The Life of George Whitefield Arnold Dallimore – Two Volumes.

Life of George Whitefield – J.C. Ryle

Jonathan Edwards Biography – Iain Murray

Jonathan Edwards: A Life – George Marsden

The Life Of President Edwards – Sereno Dwight


Second Great Awakening

Edward Dorr Griffin – Two Volume Set of life and sermons

The Life of Asahel Nettleton – Bennet Tyler

New England Revivals: As They Existed at the Close of the Eighteenth and the Beginning of the Nineteenth Centuries – Bennet Tyler

Accounts of Religious Revivals in Many Parts of the United States from 1815-1818 – Joshua Bradley


The Kentucky Revival

The Great Revival of 1800 – William Speer

Revivals and Revivalism – Iain Murray


The Revival of 1857-1858

The Power or Prayer – Samuel Prime

The revival and its lessons – J. W. Alexander


The Revival of 1859 United Kingdom

Authentic Records of Revival, Now in Progress in the United Kingdom in 1859 – William Reid

The Year of Grace – William Gibson

The Welsh Revival – Thomas Phillips

The Great Evangelical Awakening – Edwin Orr


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