The Bud Zone Podcast – Caesar & The Church – The Book By Anthony Forsyth

Pastor Anthony Forsyth joins Bud in this episode of The Bud Zone Podcast to discuss the publication of his new book “Caesar And The Church: A Biblical Study Of Government And Church.”  Anthony discusses the motivation for the book, the mechanics of writing it in an accelerated fashion, and his desired goal for the book.

This book is the result of a sermon series which Anthony preached in October 2021 at his church, Calvary Baptist Church in Burbank, CA.  That sermon series is featured on his church’s website which may be found HERE.

Pastor Anthony was also featured on a previous episode where he and Bud discussed in detail the sermon series “Caesar and the Church.”  That episode may be found HERE.

To order your copy of “Caesar And The Church,” please find it on Amazon HERE.

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