The Bud Zone Podcast – With Dr. Glenn Sunshine

On this episode of The Bud Zone Podcast, author and historian Dr. Glenn S. Sunshine joins Bud to discuss an array of topics, including his recent book Slaying Leviathan: Limited Government And Resistance In The Christian Tradition.  The conversation includes discussion of little known episodes from church history, the doctrine of lesser magistrates, Protestant resistance theory, and how the church ought properly respond in our current cultural and political climate.  Dr. Sunshine’s insights are both provocative and timely.

In addition to Slaying Leviathan, Dr. Sunshine has also authored numerous books including Why You Think The Way You Do: The Story Of Western Worldviews From Rome To Home, and A Brief Introduction To The Reformation.  Dr. Sunshine’s author’s page on Amazon may be found HERE.

His book Slaying Leviathan is also published by, and available from, Canon Press and can be found HERE.

As mentioned on this episode, Dr. Sunshine is also one of the co-hosts on The Theology Pugcast.

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