The Bud Zone – With Dr. Joe Boot Of The Ezra Institute

Joining Bud this week is Dr. Joe Boot, Founder of The Ezra Institute, a confessional evangelical think-tank focused on equipping believers with a robust, reformational, and biblical worldview.  Dr. Boot discusses the mission of the Institute and describes its intent in training from and towards a “Reformational thinking” worldview.

The conversation engages with some of the content from Dr. Boot’ latest book, Ruler Of Kings: Toward A Christian Vision Of Government.  This book may be purchased directly from The Ezra Institute Store HERE or from Amazon HERE.

Dr. Boot’s exceptional work, The Mission Of God: A Manifesto Of Hope For Society may also be acquired from The Ezra Institute store HERE as well as from Amazon HERE.

Dr. Boot, along with Ezra Institute Colleagues Nathan Oblak and Ryan Eras, may be heard weekly on the Institute’s Podcast For Cultural Reformation.

On Twitter, Dr. Boot may be followed at @DrJoeBoot.

For information about, and resources from, The Ezra Institute, please go HERE.


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