The Bud Zone Podcast – With Tom Sullivan, The Narrated Puritan

Mr. Tom Sullivan, The Narrated Puritan, joins Bud on this episode of The Bud Zone Podcast to discuss his decades-long ministry of narrating the rich theological sermons and works of the Puritans.  Tom’s narration ministry can be found on numerous Christian media outlets and has been a blessing to scores of believers around the world where his work regularly reaches over 100 nations per month.  Having recorded thousands of Reformed and Puritan sermons, Tom is an incredible source of their history and, as a faithful brother, an informed and astute guide to helping understand the work of the Lord in our times.

The Narrated Puritan is his SermonAudio site which contains nearly 1,000 narrated sermons.  Find it HERE.

Tom’s website,, may be found HERE.

The John Owen sermon, What Must Be The Nature Of Our National Repentance To Avoid Imminent Judgment, which Tom and Bud discuss is a must-listen.  Find it HERE.

Tom may be found on Facebook HERE.

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