Three Books With Dr. Andrew Sandlin

On this episode of The Bud Zone, Dr. P. Andrew Sandlin joins Bud for a return visit.  The discussion covers Dr. Sandlin’s three most recent books, Creational Worldview, Creational Marriage, and A Postmillennial Primer.

Dr. Sandlin is the President of the Center For Cultural Leadership which may be found online HERE.

He is also the Ezra Institute Fellow For Public Theology And Cultural Philosophy.

Dr. Sandlin’s Substack entitled Culture Change may be found HERE.

Available on Amazon, please find the books discussed today by the following links:

Creational Worldview: An Introduction

Creational Marriage: Issues And Controversies

A Postmillennial Primer: Basics Of Optimistic Eschatology

As mentioned in this episode, please also listen to Dr. Sandlin on the recent Ezra Institute Podcast For Cultural Reformation HERE.

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