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The Year Long Celebration of God is a dynamic, discipleship experience that utilizes the Bible, our holiday calendars, and the most average moments of the most normal days to equip Christians and their faith communities to better know, love, and serve God all year long.

Episode 41: Valentine’s Day | the First & Second Loves

Most of us realize that the Bible has a lot to say about love, but God has more to say more about love than many modern Christians know. Hidden behind the English word “love” are various Greek and Hebrew words that don’t all mean the exact same thing. Join AMBrewster as he unveils the Bible’s first two cultural understandings of love as well as the clear commands God reveals in those passages.

The Year Long Celebration of God is a family resource from Truth.Love.Parent., a ministry dedicated to rooting families in God and maturing families for God so they can harvest blessings from God.


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