<img src="https://assets.podomatic.net/ts/83/5a/21/team3517/3000x3000_15700580.jpg" alt="itunes pic" /><br />Whether it’s a major holiday, minor holiday, or just a normal “everyday," God deserves our worship. Join AMBrewster as he introduces Christians to various resources that will help them celebrate God every day in September.

The Year Long Celebration of God is a family resource from Truth.Love.Parent., a ministry dedicated to rooting families in God and maturing families for God so they can harvest blessings from God.

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COG 24: Celebrating God When the Holiday is Over https://www.truthloveparent.com/the-celebration-of-god-blog/cog-24-celebrating-god-when-the-holiday-is-over 

Celebrating God at Church Series https://www.truthloveparent.com/celebrating-god-at-church-series.html 

What is Worship? Series https://www.truthloveparent.com/what-is-worship-series.html 

Biblical Discipleship Series https://www.truthloveparent.com/biblical-discipleship-series.html 

Click here for Today’s Transcript. https://www.truthloveparent.com/the-celebration-of-god-blog/cog-73-worshipping-God-in-september

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