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The Proverbial Truth: Day 4

Alright, it is day 4 of reading through the book of proverbs. I hope and pray you embrace wisdom and follow Christ.
Let’s dive into chapter 4 which is about getting wisdom at any cost.
When we listen to God and not forsake his teaching we will gain understanding. We need to pay close attention, take hold of his words and place them them our hearts and minds. What are you willing to do to gain wisdom. I believe it begins with forsaking what we want, follow Christ and embrace his teachings. In getting wisdom, it may cost us everything that is worldly.
If we do not forsake wisdom, it will protect us. Once get wisdom and understanding we need to cherish it, embrace it and it will honor us.
I pray you are in God’s word and embrace. Pray for understanding and guidance.
Be a rebel and follow Jesus
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