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The Proverbial Truth: Day 6

How are you doing in your reading through the book of Proverbs. I hope and pray you are learning a lot and you are embracing wisdom. Pray each day before you read each chapter for understanding
Alright, lets read chapter 6 that is filled with warnings against folly and another warning against adultery.
In this chapter there were two warnings: the first one was against folly. A definition for folly is a lack of good sense; foolishness. We need to grab a hold of wisdom and not foolishness. Which is a lack of good sense. Embrace wisdom, embrace God’s word and follow Christ.
The second warning was another warning against adultery. We are told not to give into this and remain faithful with our wives. It says if you look at a women lustfully you have committed adultery. Matthew ch 5 verse 28.
Embrace wisdom, stay faithful to Christ and you wife.
Be a Rebel and follow Jesus!
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