Wake up Church!

Today’s episode is going to be a barn burner, I am going full Christian Rebel today. I am going to be talking to the church which includes me. Are you ready church?

The title of today’s podcast is wake up church. You probably asking why I am telling the church to wake up, it is because the church is asleep. It has been asleep at the wheel for a number of years. You want to know why America is in such a predicament we are in right now, it is because the church has compromised way to much in our morals and beliefs. We have allowed sin to sneak into our buildings and our hearts through these compromises. Again, we have allowed sin, false doctrines, and false prophets into our church buildings and into our lives because of this we have people only have itching ears only wanting to hear want they want to hear and not what they need to hear. Please visit my website at www.bccreations.net

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