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A Steadfast Faith – Domestic Abuse and the Trauma Thereafter

Synopsis: Nowhere in the Bible supports abuse of any kind. The Bible is clear on how men are to treat their wives and wives are to treat their husbands. I have read the Bible from cover to cover and found the word of God to be all about love and not the domestic abuse of women or men. If you are in an abusive relationship, seek help and lean on your faith in God to see you through these tough times. Tune in as Brandon and Noble talk about her story of domestic abuse and what lead to her ending her marriage.

Meet the Guest: Coach Noble Ij is an epitome of courage, a Speaker, Podcaster, an Entrepreneur and a Creative Milliner. She empowers people around the world by sharing her story of how she turned her tragedy into triumph.

Noble Ij’s journey from a traumatic domestic violence which led to painful self-rejection, and shame to a more radical self-love and self-confidence has prepared her to lead, inspire, offer hope and solutions to those living a shadow of themselves. She is determined to helping people live out their dreams, soar, triumph and to become highly desirable. Noble Ij has curated unique tools to teach others how to tap into their superpower of resilience and perseverance through her life’s challenges.

Her business – NobleIjCollections offers women high-quality luxurious hatinators and fascinators which are classy, stylish and suitable for every occasion. She is deeply enthusiastic about helping women boost their self-confidence by crowning them Queens, and making their head do the talking with her beautiful and outstanding masterpiece – fascinators and hatinators.

Professionally, Noble Ij is a Licensed Technology Engineering Educator at Framingham Public School She currently resides in Massachusetts U.S

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