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Common Grace: A Tool for Common Ground in the Public Square with Case Thorp – S2 Ep4

Season 1 Episode 4 – Common Grace: A Tool for Common Ground in the Public Square with Case Thorp

Introduction to Episode: During episode 2 of season 4, we dive into this interview and talks about common grace. We fully discuss that common grace is a tool for common ground in the public square. Are we understanding that our professions is an expression of God’s common grace? Let us grow together in Christ Jesus!

Co-Host: Dr. Case Thorp is the Senior Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Orlando, Florida. Case is married to Jodi and together they have three amazing children, Alexandra, Charles and Brooks. Case and his family have enjoyed the downtown Orlando area as their home since 2005. Case had earn several degrees from several colleges…smart man!! Case has served as pastor in New Jersey, Texas, California, and Louisiana. He writes, blogs, and presents for the growing faith. He also leads the team over at and is having too much fun doing it! Read some of his editorials and blog posts at

Podcast Episode Summary: In this episode, we look at what common grace is and how it is applied to us through the father. Case said he attempts to call for resurgence for common grace. He also stated he wanted the mundane person know their work was glorifying God. Case points out six benefits to common grace and the are all worth hearing.

  • WCF 10.4
  • Tim Keller’s Definition on Dualism
  • Ephesians 5:27


Notable Quotes:
“The simple fact that we can lift up God together and talk about common grace is the beauty within the local church”– Brandon Queen | “It helps Christ’s followers frame their own work as an expression to God’s mission of the world.”– Case Thorp

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