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Dealing with the Action S3 – Ep4

Season 3 Episode 4 – Dealing with the Action

Introduction to Episode: During season three, we tackle yet another tough topic. We discuss suicide and all of the many ways to tell if one is suicidal. We give you tips on recognizing the signs of suicide before it progresses to the state of completion. We leave with a charge to both get help and seek help for those who are suffering from the suicidal illness.

Co-Host: Jonathan Lunsford is a 40-year-old father of 5. He has been married for 19 years and a navy veteran where he worked on missile guidance radar systems. Jonathan was born and raised in the southern Appalachian Mountains. However, Jonathan was raised in the church but didn’t really get into a great relationship with God until he moved home after the Navy. Jonathan is an ordained minister in the Church of God (Cleveland Tn). Jonathan dealt with a youth who committed suicide within his youth group. Today he joins us and shares his story with us

Podcast Episode Summary: In this episode, we continue our journey through suicide and hope. We continue to journey through the book “With Her Last Breath” and we focus on recognizing the signs. As we learn a different way to recognize the signs of suicidal thoughts and actions, we ask that you reevaluate your listening skills and your helping and coping skills. Find out more in this episode of Suicide and Hope.

Resources: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

– 1-800-273-8255

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – 1-504-220-6100

– 1-888-333-2377

With Her Last Breath


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