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Does Prayer Change Things? – S1 Ep6

Season 1 – Episode 6 – Does Prayer Change Things?

Introduction to Episode:
During this episode, we study prayer and the concept of what and who prayer changes. We explore the question, can we change the will or mind of God? As we explain the answer, another question pops up, why pray? Humans are often never satisfied with the answers to our prayers and we can be extremely vocal about the answer. Throughout our conversation, we are given three reasons on why we should pray and what prayer does to us as a people. Rev. Shane Folks give us his meaning to the word ‘prayer’ stating it is a two way connection. Because we are a child of the Father, we can go directly to him in prayer. We learn that our prayer does not bother God yet he turns his ear to us and listens.

Co-host:Pastor Shane Folks grew up in Sallisaw, Oklahoma where he attended (HS) and Immanuel Baptist Church. Pastor Folks attended and graduated from the University of Oklahoma and shortly after answered God’s calling on his life. Pastor Folks moved to Louisiana where he attended the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary where he obtained his Masters of Divinity. Pastor Folks served several churches in Thibodaux and the surrounding areas. It turns out that what God had in store for Pastor Shane was a wonderful wife, Hannah. They were married in August of 2016 and have three “fur babies” — Gus, Louise, and Calvin. Pastor Folks is not the pastor or Eastside Baptist Church in Sallisaw, Oklahoma. Fun Fact: Pastor Folks also has a masters in Muslim Studies from Columbia Int’l University and is currently seeking his PhD.

Podcast Episode Summary:
As we give our commentary on the question, does prayer change things? We often ask ourselves, why pray? Throughout the discussion we learn three reasons on why we should pray. Pastor Folks also leaves us with the answer of what prayer does to us?

  • We were commanded to pray
  • Praying change us
  • Prayer is the means God uses to bring about His Will.

Notable Quotes:
Prayer can change our understanding, mind and our heart along with our spiritual fortitude.” – Shane Folks “Pray always, never stop praying, God hears your prayer, even when you think He closed His ear to you.” – Brandon Queen

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