The E.A.R. Podcast with Brandon Queen

Hosted ByBrandon M. Queen

A podcasts that strives to share the gospel to the listeners of all walks of life.

Faith and Fitness

Synopsis: How can our faith, coexist with our fitness and nutrition? Does our faith drive our fitness and nutrition? Brandon and Ryan discuss faith and fitness and overall health. They talk about their faith in God being in the center of their lives. Tune into this discussion with Brandon Queen and Ryan Orgeron II.

Meet the Co-Host: The 28-year-old registered dietitian for the state of Louisiana owns one of the most prominent nutrition and fitness gyms in Thibodaux Louisiana called Lifted Nutrition and Fitness. Ryan Orgeron II is a native of Thibodaux where he resides with his wife and daughter. Ryan works as a dietitian for South Central Louisiana Human Services Authority helping people with their nutritional needs. During his free time, he is at his gym, coaching locals, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts either on waits or eating healthier. Ryan is a great friend and soon, he will be launching his podcast called the Lifted Podcast.

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