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Faith In the Midst of Political Madness

Synopsis: America has reached a point in history where politics are the driving force for race baiting news outlets and politicians to extort racial divide amongst the black community “people of color.” In a time of political madness, I explore what a Christian politician should look like in a post-Christian era. We as the church (Christians) must be steadfast in our faith daily. Tune in as Brandon and Luke “The Lone Wolf” Negron discuss Faith in the Midst of Political Madness.

Meet the Guest: Luke Negron as born as a free-spirited person who was hard to place into a single ethnic box, and he remains a person who rejects establishment norms. Luke believes that, by God’s grace and with honest and humble people pouring into his life, he is uniquely fit to help all Americans in this time of national strife. Luke is a 28-year-old native of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania born to an Estonian mother and a Hispanic and North African Father. Luke is an Air Force Veteran, published author, speaker, founder of AMASA PAC and AMASA Action and TPUSA Ambassador. Luke also was a Congressional Nominee for the 18th District of Pennsylvania.

How to Find Luke:
Twitter: @LukeEdison20
Instagram: @reallukenegron

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0:04 – Introduction
1:24 – Introduction of Luke Negron
5:19 – Politics Around Us
8:35 – Political Goals
15:22 – Faith
22:09 – Law Enforcement and Satan

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