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Faith Through Music

Synopsis: How can we see a person’s faith through music and creative writing? Can God be glorified through our music/worship? Music has been around for a long time. 1 Samuel 14:16-14-23, David played the harp for Kings Saul. We know that music touched the mind, body and soul. God gave us a precious gift in music, and we should glorify Him with our worship. Listen in on this discussion with Brandon Queen and Jean’ Guillory.

Meet the Guest: The 29-year-old, is a native of Louisiana being borrowed by the state of Florida. Jean Guillory is a husband and father of two. Jean and his wife Mandee are both musically talented individuals in their own rights. They both have a band called ‘Day Like This.’ They just released a single “Fan Into Flame.” Jean writes music, produces music, and he dabbles in some creative writing. Jean is an all-around awesome person who loves the Lord. Fun fact about Jean is that he is a New Year’s Baby!

How to find Jean:
Instagram: @jeanguillory or @daylikethisband
Apple Music: Fan Into Flame
Spotify: Fan Into Flame

Works Cited: Cover Art: Brandon Queen | Bible Translations – English Standard Version (unless stated/noted in the interview) | Quotes: authentic from the host and guest (unless stated/noted during the podcast). Music: Day Like This Band.

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