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Faith Through Suffering

Synopsis: Suffering comes in all different types. Suffering affects us all differently. Suffering is something we all will or have faced in some part of our lives. The questions around suffering challenges our faith and even question our belief in our creator. We all know the story of Job. He loses his health, wealth, and family, yet he is still faithful to God. We all have our own personal stories of suffering. In this discussion, Step Morgan lays out what suffering looks like amid faith. Tune in as Brandon and Step discuss the practical meaning of faith through suffering.

Meet the Guest: The native Mississippian, Step Morgan spent 20 years as a manager, consultant, and corporate trainer in the field of customer service before enrolling as a Master of Divinity student at RTS. Prior to enrollment he served as a Ruling Elder and is presently a candidate for ministry in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Step and his wife, Jessica, have five children. They are members of Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church.

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