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Genuine Evangelism

Genuine Evangelism – Episode #6

Summary of the episode: During this discussion, Brandon and Timothy review chapters 13 – 15 of his book, “Loving Your Muslim Neighbor,” This discussion touches on how we can be angry at Muslims or watch God use the Islamic agenda to spread His love worldwide.

IF we get out of the way and out of our anger, we can see God using situations to bring Islamic folks into countries where they can hear the gospel. Are we genuine in our evangelism? Tune into this discussion with Brandon and Timothy!

Meet the Guest: Timothy and Miriam speak in churches everywhere to educate, equip, and energize Christians to gain God’s heart for Muslim people and to love them.

Please listen to Episode #1 of this season to learn more about Timothy and Miriam Harris.

Calls to action: Please check out their website You can also purchase a copy of the book from the website and follow along during this season! To connect with Timothy and Miriam Harris, you can email them at [email protected].

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