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How Can I Pray for My Family? – S1 – Ep12 (Bonus)

Season 1 Episode 12 – How Can I Pray for Family? with Chip Cowsert (Bonus)

Introduction to Episode:During today’s episode, we take our conversation back to season one prayer. During this dialogue, we talk about the family and how one can pray for their spouses, children and family unit. We, as Christians should always build a family foundation on biblical teaching and principles that glorify God.

Co-Host: Chip Cowsert is a native Virginian who grew up playing soccer, basketball, and loving the Washington Redskins. He began following Jesus late in college through the influence of a rugby teammate at Virginia Tech. After graduating in 2009, he joined the staff team of Campus Outreach Lynchburg, the college ministry of Rivermont EPC in Virginia. Chip spent seven years investing in staff and students at Virginia Tech, Radford University, and Lynchburg college.

Chip is passionate about teaching the Scriptures and developing young people. Chip married his wife Katie in 2012 and they now have a daughter, Lottie, and a son, Charlie. Chip enjoys running, reading, playing with his kids, breakfast food, being a weekend warrior, and watching intense crime shows with Katie.

Podcast Episode Summary:In this episode, as we highlight how family is a gift from God. And he who finds a wife does find a good thing as a paint favor from the Lord. And if the Lord has kindness gives you children, it’s an inheritance from the Lord. Psalm 127. Be in prayer as a family and in unity, loving one another, growing in Christ as one body, learning about him and placing all trust in him and in him crucified.

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