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How Can I Pray for Non-Christians? S1 Ep13 (Bonus)

Season 1 Episode 13: How Can I Pray for Non-Christians? S1 Ep13 (Bonus)

Season 1 Episode 13: How Can I Pray for Non-Christians? S1 Ep13 (Bonus)

Introduction to Episode:During today’s episode, we take our conversation back to season one prayer. During this dialogue, we talk about how one can pray for non-Christian friends and family. We know that it is getting harder to raise a family in world that rejects Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Co-Host: Pastor Michael Lawrence is the pastor of Hinson Baptist Church in Portland Oregon. He has been the lead pastor at Hinson for 8+ years. Lawrence wrote an article for the Table Talk Magazine produced by Ligonier Ministries.

Podcast Episode Summary:I think sometimes we have questions about whether or not we can or should pray for our non-Christian friends and family. We’re not even sure what to pray for them. And we certainly don’t want to pray this. In fact, what we need to understand is that pray for our non-Christian friends, is one of the primary ways that God has given us love our knowledge to show them that love and to help them see that God loves them as well.

How Can I Pray for Non-Christians?

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