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How to be Credit and Loan Responsible – S4:Ep3 (Pt2)

Season 4 – Episode 4: How to be Credit and Loan Responsible (Part 2)

Synopsis: What does the bible say about credit and loans? What is the point of a credit score? What does having a high credit score really say about you? Can I live debt-free with no credit cards or loans? Do I really need the stuff that I buy on credit? We as Christians are taught to be frugal with our resources and to live within our means. On last week’s episode, we discussed why in this culture we say we need credit and why do we buy into the trap. Brennan asked…

Meet the Co-Host: Brennan Falks is a Health and Finance Coach at Under One Love. He guides families and individuals through achieving permanent financial freedom as well as gaining and maintaining an excellent quality of life. Brennan is designated and trained as a Financial Coach by Dave Ramsey and his team and is a Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach. Also, he is certified as a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer. Brennan helps people reach their full potential by applying the Word of God to personal finance and personal health.

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