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Is RACE Really the Issue?

Synopsis: We are in trying times that test our faith, and the well-being of our society. With COVID-19 still roaring loud, we now face a new tragedy that further divides us as a nation and as a human race. Amongst violent rioters, and looters, most people area being silenced for voicing a moral and Christian based opinion about the current events. Our Law Enforcement is being threated, forced to quit their jobs and forced to take sides. With the recent events, this nation is under attack by the enemy and that enemy is hiding behind racism. The enemy wants division. Satan will not win if we are united as a nation and as a people of repentance. Tune into this episode with Brandon and Matthew talking about the issues at hand.

Meet the Co-Host: Rev. Dr. Matthew Everhard is the Senior Pastor at Gospel Fellowship, (PCA) in Valencia, Pennsylvania. Matthew is married to his wife Kelly and has three children, Soriah, Elijah, and Simone. Matthew is not only a pastor/theologian but a writer and publisher. Matthew was the general editor for the Westminster Society Journal. Matthew’s latest work his the publication of his dissertation on Jonathan Edwards, “A Theology of Joy: Jonathan Edwards and Eternal Happiness in the Holy Trinity” and now to add to the bunch, “Unknown: The Extraordinary Influence of Ordinary Christians.”

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