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Jesus, The Good Samaritan

Synopsis: This week, Brandon preaches on the Good Samaritan parable. He carefully draws a connection to Christ being the ultimate Good Samaritan and greatest neighbor. He uses Biblical accounts like Jesus and the adulterous woman, the account of Zacchaeus, and Rahab the Harlot. Brandon provided a brief history of the Samaritans and the Jews while explaining the meaning of two words. Tune into this sermon with Ruling Elder Brandon Queen.

Meet the Guest: Brandon Queen was born to Belinda Queen in Thibodaux, Louisiana. He is the middle of eleven children with six girls and five boys. Brandon works as Police Sergeant for Nicholls State University Police Department with aspirations to become an ordained minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). He attended the First Presbyterian Church of Thibodaux since he was five and has been there since. He is the first ordained black elder within the congregation. Brandon serves as the graphic designer for the Westminster Society within the EPC and as a member of the Revelation 7:9 task force. Brandon loves studying God’s word, history, photography, graphic design, camping, podcasting, and other cycling.

His most recent writing is “Grace Behind the Badge – Westminster Society Journal Vol 2.”

With over 110 podcast episodes, Brandon hopes to continue his ministry by using his podcast as a resource for new Christians to get a clear reason for why they believe.

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