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Keeping Your Faith: Amid Hatred and Division

Synopsis: This has been a strange year for the American people. From COVID to unnecessary racial wars. We even have liberal people trying to tell black people how they should think and live. On top of all the craziness, we have black people attacking other black people who do not subscribe to the stereotypical norms of what the media says and what liberal tell us to think and how to respond to events. When black people put down black conservatives, it does not help us a people and it weakens us as unit. This seems to be what the government wants from us. Let’s hold fast to our faith and think with the brain God gave each of us. We are made in the Imago Dei – the Image of God! Join Pam and I as we talk about our faith amid hatred and division from our own community!

Meet the Guest:
Our guest is not your ordinary stereotypical black woman. She is a hard-working individual that faces adversities for thinking for herself. Pam Stevens is from Kenosha, Wisconsin but a native to the great state of Texas. Pam is the mother of 5 with two grandchildren. She is a property manager and has been for the past 23 years. To top it all off, you can find her on TikToc @texasgirlpam creating political content that makes sense to some but not all. She gets hatred from the black community because of her conservative views.

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