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Love not Hate, and the Meaning of Words

This episode is a discussion on which lives matter and what does it mean to the Christian body of believers. Although this episode is opinionated beliefs, it still follows the Christian teachings based on biblical ideology and principals that have worked or centuries.

#blacklivesmatter can be a group that just as guilty as perpetuating just at the KKK. We must learn to live amongst one another without using #adjectives to describe who or what we look like on the outside. As a reminder, my pastor once said “The man on the cross is better than the person in the mirror, always.” When we learn to sit at the table with Judas, we will learn the love of Jesus Christ.

This country has its faults, two black eyes and a busted lip, but the healing begins when we all learn to love one another, and forgive their sins. We are all sinners and we all fall short of God’s glory and we are all in need of a savior.

To my Christian brothers and sisters of a darker hue, please receive this message/discussion as way to orient you to a Christian thinking. I personally believe that BLM does not have the interest of all BLACK people at the front of their agenda. Don’t you forget that Satan and hide behind an organization that appears to be good, however, it is pure evil manifested.

Luke Negron and I met on TicTok. Together the Pennsylvanian and Louisianan come up with this discussion as two different people, of two different ethos and of two different cultures. The one thing they have in common is the Love of Jesus Christ. Thats right, they are both Christians.

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