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Maintaining Your Christian Faith in the Workplace

Synopsis: This week Brandon and Brennan Matherne, two friends, talk about maintaining their Christian faith in the workplace. This conversation came from both Brennan and Brandon realizing that they were both Christian men working in an environment where it is sometimes hard to display their faith. Through the conversation, they hope to share ways you can maintain your faith in any work environment. Tune into this discussion with Brandon Queen and Brennan Matherne.

Meet the Guest: Brennan Matherne is a native of Lafourche Parish where he lives with his wife and two kids. He is a captain at Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office and serves as the Public Information Officer. He has spent some of his career in the radio industry before becoming a public servant. Brennan holds several leadership positions on a national level with public information officers. Brennan is a dynamic individual and a man of faith.

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