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Motivation Monday – The Last Motivation for Now #10

Motivation Monday – The Last Motivation for Now #10

This will be the last motivation Monday published for a while or forever. We have not made a definite decision on this segment. Due to upcoming travel and show changes we are canceling this segment to allow for a brand new segment to emerge in the future that will be a biweekly publication! This will be put in place to have a better connection with our listeners. I hope this segment was able to motivate you and get you going through the week! We will continue our weekly Friday episodes so stay tune for those.

However, this segment is based on Romans 8:18. We need to remember that our present suffering will transformed to our enjoyment but to God’s glory. Please push forward this week and carry on for your God is with you and he is near evermore!

Click Romans 8:18 to see what the verse says!

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