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Pray Like This – S1 Ep5

Season 1 – Episode 5 – Pray Like This

Introduction to Episode:
Brandon brings a local pastor to the show to help us pray like Jesus prayed. Brandon and Bryan discuss how to pray like Jesus prayed while breaking down the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. Bryan dives into scripture to explain how Jesus tought the diciples how to pray.

Co-Host: Rev. Bryan Rhodes is a resident of Louisiana, Rev. Rhodes is the associate pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in Alexandria, Louisiana while teaching 11th and 12th grade classes on the Bible at Grace Christian School. Rev. Rhodes was ordained as an Evangelical Presbyterian pastor on May 31, 2015. He attended Liberty University where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Religion and a Master in Global Apologetics. Rev. Rhodes left the USA to voyage to Scotland where he attended the University of Edinburgh and obtained his Masters in Theology. Rev. Rhodes is a man of great poise. Rev. Rhodes is diligent in presenting God’s word in a way all can understand. Rev. Rhodes is a great friend and pastor.

Podcast Episode Summary:
As we continue to learn how Jesus prayed, we learn, the Lord’s prayer is explained in layman’s terms. Throughout the discussion, we will learn that Jesus left us basic instructions on how we should pray and how our prayers should be structured. During the episode, we answer several questions.

  • How do we pray like Jesus?
  • Is it okay to pray in public?
  • Do you think acknowledging God as Father difficult for some people?
  • Discuss Isaiah 43:25
  • Discuss Matthew 6:9-10
  • Break Down of the Lord’s Prayer

Notable Quotes: “I think one of the great struggles in my heart and in yours is knowing God as He is rather than we would make Him in our image.”Rev. Bryan Rhodes “Prayer is a discipline, I am urging every single one of us to dive deeper in our prayer lives.” Brandon Queen

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