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Season Two – The Beauty of the Local Church Series

The Beauty of the Local Church Series – Season Two

“To him be glory in thechurchand in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” (Ephesians 3:21)

In volume three of the Westminster Society Journal, our contributors consider the important role of the local church in the Kingdom of God. Viewed dismissively as totally irrelevant by some and simply unnecessary by others, our authors argue precisely in the opposite direction: despite many critiques, the local church is beautiful, necessary, and deeply meaningful. She is after all, the Bride of Christ. Not only is the local church indispensable in the lives of ordinary believers, but it is the very means through which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is carried to our broken and hurting world.

Working from a robustly biblical and theological perspective, each of these essays argues for a soundly biblical, and theologically moored conception of the local church. Contributors for this volume include local pastors, church elders, New and Old Testament scholars, and seminary professors.

The Westminster Society exists as a networking group to promote fellowship and unity amidst Reformed churches, and to foster biblical scholarship and confessional churchmanship among believers and church leaders.

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